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Caveman Audio BP1 Compact - Bass Preamp

Caveman Audio BP1 Compact - Bass Preamp

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The BP1 Compact offers the core BP1 tone in a smaller size.

The BP1 Compact packs the essential features of the BP1 Bass Preamp into a compact stompbox, delivering the same core tone and extremely low noise level in a smaller and more affordable format.

While the BP1 Compact and the original BP1 Bass Preamp sound very similar, each has its own distinct sonic character. The choice between them depends on individual taste and preference. Both offer excellent sound quality, with each bringing its unique flavor.

The BP1 Compact enhances the low-mid frequencies, ensuring your bass stands out in the mix with clear definition and dynamic range.

Specs :

  • 1/4″ Gold-plated Jack Cable Input
  • Gold-plated Neutrik XLR DI – transformer balanced
  • 1/4″ Jack Amp Out – transformer balanced
  • Adjustable Gain and Level
  • Loop (send/return) for patching stomp boxes
  • Tuner Output – always active
  • Mute function for silent tuning
  • Unique RFI protection
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