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Xotic XS Core Bent Top - Trans Purple

Xotic XS Core Bent Top - Trans Purple

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Step into the realm of musical enchantment with the Xotic XS Core Bent Top, adorned in the spellbinding Trans Purple finish. This electric guitar is more than an instrument; it's an ode to innovation and sonic allure, ensuring an unparalleled journey for every player.

Visual Symphony

The Trans Purple finish is a visual symphony, radiating sophistication and individuality. The distinctive bent top design not only catches the eye but also elevates the guitar's resonance, creating a harmonious blend of visual and sonic magic.

Sonic Mastery

Fueled by cutting-edge pickups, the XS Core crafts a melodic palette, offering tones that range from velvety smooth to dynamically robust. Each note resonates with precision and warmth, weaving a musical tapestry that captivates the senses.

Play with Emotion

Crafted for comfort, the XS Core features a contoured body and a velvety-smooth fretboard, inviting players to infuse their music with passion. Whether on stage or in the studio, this guitar adapts effortlessly to your distinctive playing style.

Crafted Brilliance

Every facet of the XS Core reflects meticulous craftsmanship and avant-garde design. From the selection of premium materials to the expert construction, this guitar epitomizes Xotic's unwavering commitment to delivering instruments of extraordinary brilliance.

Indulge in the fusion of visual elegance and sonic mastery with the Xotic XS Core Bent Top in Trans Purple. Let your musical expression find its voice and elevate your artistry with this extraordinary guitar.


Mint state - has never been played
  • Model : XS Core Bent Top
  • Body : Alder
  • Color : Trans Purple
  • Neck : Maple
  • Neck Shape : C shape
  • Fingerboard : Ebony
  • Inlay : Mother of Pearl
  • Radius : 12R
  • Fret Wire : Jescar FW55090
  • Pickups : Bare Knuckle Brute Force
  • Tuners : Gotoh SG381
  • Bridge : Gotoh 510
  • Strap Button : Jim Dunlop
  • Sold with original case and all the goodies.
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